May 25, 2010

recent blog worthy events. . .

My little Kennady is growing up too fast. . . she has lost her first tooth and she was very happy especially when the tooth fairy generously gave her 4 gold coins. . . however, it was a little more difficult for me as I realize my babies are growing up!



Mitchell ran in the city track meet last week and the little relay team killed it and took 1st place. He also ran the 400mm and was tripped at the beginning of the race and had to spend the next 375meters playing catch up. He did great and managed to make 2nd place.



Cade has been tearing it up on the baseball field with great hits!


October 31, 2009

Pine Wood Derby Winner!

We had our annual scout Pine Wood Derby this month. Mitchell and Ben have always taken it very seriously and are very competitive. It has been such a disappointment the last few years when Mitchell's car came in 2nd or 3rd. However, this year Mitchell's car took 1st place!
It was also Cade's first Pine Wood Derby, but unfortunetly his car wasn't very fast. (Very odd since Ben did everything the same on both of them)- Just goes to show you it is all luck

Mitchell's car

Cade's car

September 12, 2009

1st game of the Season!

and Cade's first Tackle Game. I am so proud of him! He did so well, They had to double team him in the end, check it out in some of these pictures. Just in case you are wondering, he is #29 in the black.

I didn't get very many good pictures of Mitchell, but here is one

August 28, 2009

The first day of Kindergarden

This is a very sad day because I have no idea where the last 5 years of my life have gone. I had a baby girl and now she is going to school? She, of course, couldn't have been happier. She has been waiting for this day for months, and months. She is growing up so quick!

Check out what else I found at the bus stop too- Yes, thats right some bees made a home in a sign at the bus stop. As if it isn't bad enough sending her on the bus. .

August 25, 2009

My cute kiddos

My kids let me take a few pictures of them today. Since I haven't posted forever, I figured I could find a few to share. . .

July 10, 2009

USATF Junior Olympics

The boys had the opportunity to run the Regional Junior Olympics track meet for the USA Track and Field. They did so good. There cousins came over and ran too. All of them got "gold" in there age groups for their events. Mitchell also ran his best 400 yet. Offical Time 1:11.
We are so proud of all of you !



And yes that is Ben help these two lightweights stretch. Mitchell thought for sure he was going to die. . .


June 22, 2009

Congratulations Mitchell

Mitchell completed in the Hershey State Track meet for Idaho this past weekend. He ran so well and got 1st in the 400m and 2nd in the 100m. Check out his competition in the 100m to the left of him. There is a small chance he will get chosen to compete in Hershey PA for a nationwide meet. So consider this notice to all my PA friends!